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818 development testing video

Posted on June 9th, 2012

May 2012 Testing and Specifications

Adam Costa at Lone Wolf Productions put together this brief video showing some track testing of the 818 chassis and 818R body shape.


  • Cool video. I love the suspension and chassis shots. Body looks great!! I can’t wait to order my kit.

  • Bob Callaway

    818 looking great! What height driver considered in design?

  • Jeff Feinberg

    I have been quietly watching FFR for many years and you got me hooked with this one. The Evo is being sold and the $ will be in the bank waiting till you have a kit for me to buy. My life long dream of builing a car is near. The wife even gave the thumbs up. Thanks for keeping the average guy in mind!

    • I’m with Jeff on this one. I’ve been following factory five since the GTM was in development (while I was helping design a formula SAE car in college). Then I fell in love with the ’33, but I have a good feeling there may be an 818 in my future.

  • Jordan Kinberg

    Please tell me there will be a hard top that clips in with windows since not all of us have the luxury of towing it to the track.

  • Please tell me there will be provisions for a solid hard top so it can be run in the rain. Rag tops on aerodynamic cars just look bad.

  • What’s the relevance of the Russian dancers in the video gallery? They don’t do your wonderful car design any justice.

    To echo the comments of others; i hope there will be a hardtop available.

    • Hi Kevin – I found those suggested videos funny based on the content. Unfortunately, they probably have Project 818 as keywords in their video too so it pops up in the suggested videos…I’ll have to go back and see if I can turn that option off in the embedding code.

  • Steve Brazil

    I’m really liking the way this car is coming out.

  • A friend and I are ready to build a couple of these, my concern I m 6″2 and the car looks a bit small and the top. Is there a top option?

  • If this is avaialable as a hard-top, it’s going to be the first car I build myself.

    Please be available with a proper hard-top.

  • Chris Marciano

    Cool kart! I have all my donor parts ready to go, it is going to be fun building this kit