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Challenge Cars Run Fast at New Jersey Motorsports Park

Posted on May 29th, 2012

Factory Five customer and Challenge Series Racer John “GoPro Pro” George sends us some rock star in-car footage of last weekend’s race at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Check out the start where John rips past some Porsches and Vettes en route to a very fast finish.

The 2012 Spec Challenge Cars with more horsepower and handling tweaks are running VERY FAST lap times around the country. This year’s Nationals will be very exciting to watch.

Congratulations John and thanks for the great video!


  • what engine, hp, transmission ect. Laps looked smooth!

    • That is a 302 engine with the FFR Trick Flow spec car package. It is putting around 320 Hp to the wheels. Tremec TKO 500 trans with a 3.27 rear end gear ratio. The spec cars weigh 2,400 Lbs WITH driver.

      Best regards,

      Brian Z FFR Tech and Sales

  • Wow fantastic video! Nice driving too! What data acquisition and video equipment are you using?

  • Joseph Harrison

    Great, and thanks for the good race.

  • Just curious… is there a “used-car” market and sales source for previously-owned race-prepped Factory-Five cars?