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Customer Dave P. Shares Mk4 Roadster Build Journal

Posted on July 12th, 2012

“There is just something about a loud, vibrating, and rattling machine that can accelerate from 0-100-0 (per Car & Driver Mag) in less than 10 seconds,” said Factory Five customer Dave P.

Dave has been keeping everyone posted on his Mk4 Roadster build progress via his Facebook page.  Dave has made a photo gallery on his Facebook page where he is posting regular updates throughout his build from the purchase of his donor car and attending the build school to getting the engine and wiring installed.

David attended the Factory Five Build School at Mott Community College last spring before he received his Mk4 Roadster kit.

Dave's Mk4 Roadster waiting to be picked-up and delivered.

Great job Dave!  Thanks for keeping up posted on your build progress.  Excited to see the finished Roadster.

Click here to view Dave’s complete build journal.

Dave has recently installed his engine and transmission. The first start is coming soon!


  • Still can’t figure out how to post a video for public viewing on Facebook, but there is one of both mine running 2 weeks ago and the build school car.also if you notice the “Born On” date it has been 9 weeks since it was ready for pickup at FFR. The Ohio State “Self Built” inspection is Wednesday August 1st, and i should have my VIN within 1 to 2 weeks after that. Anyone that wants info on this build just add me as a Friend at Facebook everyone is welcome.