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Factory Five Customer John Millette’s Brand New Mk4 Roadster

Posted on May 4th, 2012

Factory Five Racing John Millette was impressed with FFR President Dave Smith’s Mk4 Roadster, so he set about to build a similar one for street use. John sought out pro-builder Ron Everitt and the two built this stunning red Mk4 rocket.

The car is powered by Ford’s new 5.0L Coyote matted to a TKO 5-speed transmission with a 3-link performance rear suspension and KONI coil-overs all around. The car runs stock Factory Five 17″ Halibrand style wheels and optional Wilwood brakes.

The interior sports FFR gauges with a very cool custom painted dash that carries the stripe pattern from the hood. John used our polished stainless steel side pipes and chrome roll bar to compliment the red metallic paint and grey metallic stripes. John says he plans on using the car for spirited street driving. The car was originally built with dual roll bars.

Congratulations John and we look forward to seeing your car at our Open House and perhaps at SEMA 2012!

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  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love it. Pretty much exactly what my dream build would be. If you don’t mind me asking, about how much you got into it?

    • John Millette

      Greg I have accounted for every single penny of the build and it totals just shy of sixty three thousand. If you were going to do the build 100% yourself, not using the skills of an awesome builder,then you could save about 8500. I was under quite a time crunch as the laws in Massachusetts required that my build be complete and car registered by 4/30/2012. My kit arrived mid November with mechanicals a month later. Ron Everitt had the car road worthy by the end of March. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that is for a build time. For the cost of an entry level corvette I have a gorgeous little monster that will dance all over anything under 100k and quite a few supercars over 100k.

  • Thank car is beautiful!!!

  • Awesome look!

  • Sweet Fancy Moses! That is a fantastic build. Nice choices all the way around. Classic. Classy. Brutal. Well done – to both you and Mr. Everitt.
    Been dreaming about these cars for far too long – lol. It’s always inspiring to see someone else’s come to fruition.
    Put some hurt down out there, especially on those Vettes. Be safe – Enjoy.

  • John,
    I’m following in your foot steps. The guys supplying my engine and tranny are trying to talk me out of the BOSS manifold because of the aftermarket tune needed, They say you only get an additional 20hp and it’s not worth the possibility of voiding the warrantee,Did you go thru this decision process ? What made you comfortable in the decision to go ahead and add the manifold?