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FFR Customer Erik Hansen Builds a Stunning ’33

Posted on February 1st, 2012

Car is First Salvo from New Company ’33 Machine

Erik Hansen has earned some impressive bragging rights in a short amount of time. He built a truly beautiful and unique ’33 street machine and also served as a team member on the west coast crew of an upcoming episode of Speed Channel’s Car Warriors.

The future is bright for Erik and we look forward to working with him on an exciting new project where he will be working closely with customers in the field to help them with their own ’33 Hot Rod builds. More on that soon, but for now, check out some beautiful photos of his ’33 and some fun videos that he recently posted on The Factory Five Forum.


  • Dave Montague

    I love it…… 33

  • aaron miller

    thats a nice ride :)

  • Paul David Puckett

    I have a MK3 built in 2005-6 and is registered hee in Arizona as a 1965 with historic plates; gets a lot of attention. I built the car with ALL NEW parts, nothing donated and ALL sheeet matal and the frame are black powder coated. The car was painted by “Bat Man” in California and is Corvette Sapphire blue with BMW silver stripes. Interior is beige. Love it! Also love the 33 coupe or roadster; probably the coupe better because it gets mighty hot here in the summer. Wife has given me permission to AC the MK3 because she got heat stroke last year on a trip. You guys build an awsome car!

  • Very cool. Is the iphone hook up available on all models and will it fit in the slot at automatic car washes.

    Well done. Well done.

  • Paul David Puckett

    Great ’33! Would love to build one of these also but would prefer the coupe due to AZ sun. This is why Cobra “rests” a lot during the hot months.