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Horsepower TV Mk4 Give-Away Winner Announced!

Posted on October 2nd, 2012

This past weekend on The Powerblock, the boys from Horsepower TV announced the winner of the Factory Five-Powerblock Sweepstakes Mk4 Roadster Give-Away. Close 200,000 people entered the contest which awarded a Factory Five Mk4 complete kit along with a full set of tools from Matco and a huge parts credit from the good people at Summit Racing.

The lucky winner was Joshua Hammett from Virginia who was on-set with Powerblock host Courtney Hansen. Josh receives a free Factory Five complete Mk4 and a whole bunch of parts and sponsor items from the show.

This contest generated a tremendous amount of interest here at Factory Five and I can’t tell you how many e-mails and calls we received from guys wanting to know if they had won. I got together with the crew and we decided to do something for the guys who didn’t win. We don’t normally have sales at this time of year (since it’s the building season and orders are brisk), but the guys came up with some interesting ideas so that even if you didn’t win, you can still score a great deal. Click here for full details.

Congratulations Josh! Welcome to the club and we hope you build a great car!

Dave Smith
Factory Five Racing


  • There must be some mistake, I was supposed to win that roadster… Well there’s only one thing to do to correct this terrible miscarriage of justice, send me one also.
    When may I expect it?
    Mike Spangler ;–))

  • Hi Dave- You mentioned the following. “I got together with the crew and we decided to do something for the GUYS who didn’t win.” Very kind gesture for certain but what about the Gals that didn’t win. I played faithfully, every week. I’m just sayin. (Just teasing really, but I did indeed play every week and had myself convinced I was going to win.) It truly was fun! Thanks to F5R for being part of such a great promotion!!

  • The lead photo showed what I thought was a 818 in prep. stage. so does that mean you will show a completed final production car at SEMA I hope so and when will it be available to us. Please publish a list of parts needed from a Subaru to complete the car.

  • i like the line. on the old fords and sond of 427

  • Joshua said he entered over 600 times. I thought there was a one entry per household per day limit?


  • I dont think its fair to everyone that he entered over 600 times, it should be 1 entry per person, period.

  • Maybe next time! After all the things I learned building my MK3, I’d would love to build another one. (see ffcars.com, September POM)

  • Congratulations to Jashua. Look forward to seeing pictures of his build and completed car. I dream of the day I can order my F5R Mark4 roadster. Hopefully in the not to distant future. Thanks to F5R for building a fantastic kit.

  • hi,dave,i trully believe i had won that roadster!i cried at the results,i am still crying.please check again,you made a terrible mistake.thanks for the opp;

  • Michael Bermes

    Man he is lucky dude I reminded my self every week to enter and heart broken. But it is good now he or some else won it I would not have the time now, my wife has been dianosed with breast cancer. And we are on a diligent strive to beat this speed bump in life. And with the help of GOD him self we are on are way. Good Luck Jushua I know you have fun :)

  • I think you did a fair contest.by letting people inner as many times as they want.Its like playing the lottery of eating frito lays you just cant eat just one.So don’t let the the loser get you down. you and your company did a fine job.you made a man’s dream come true.

  • Great prize for joshua and I wish him plenty of enjoyment in building and driving it.