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New McLaren MP4-12C and Factory Five GTM on Yahoo

Posted on June 5th, 2012

Factory Five GTM hits the main page of Yahoo Autos! (With a little help from a car called the McLaren MP4-12C!)

A few weeks ago, we hosted Automobile Magazine’s Ezra Dyer here at Factory Five Racing. Ezra had brought one of the very first McLaren’s down for some testing. We brought out our GTM and enjoyed a fun day of driving.

Watch the video below or on Yahoo Autos and leave your comment.

You can check out a full photo gallery from the day by clicking here.

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  • John Roberts

    Just goes to show that American enginuity still has what it takes, and the GPM is only one example!!!

  • Dale Robson

    I wish Yahoo would have showed more of the GTM, the interior, engine compartment, for example.

  • Colin Cheng

    I get “Sorry but this video is no longer available”

  • I have been lusting after a GTM since the first time I laid eyes on it!

  • Robert Whitham

    I think the GTM is better looking from the front, plus American V-8 power making 160hp less but without the turbos. Add a couple of GT-3582R Garret turbos and….”What McLaren”.

  • I was looking at building a 1978 Z28 with a modern LS-series engine/trans. It was going to cost me about $35K. After seeing this, I may just save up another $15 and build this. Very good looking and appears to be brutally fast. Way to go American ingenuity!