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Posted on March 9th, 2012

Watch Full Episode Right Now Online!

Last year Speed Channel’s show, “Speedmakers”, came out to Wareham to shoot some of our cars in action and see the operations up close. The resulting episode was called “Speedmakers: Megakits.”

The episode aired a while back on Speed and it is now available to watch on-line!

“Episode 2: MEGA Kits

Can’t afford a $1,200,000 Ferrari Enzo, a 25 million Learjet or a radical speedboat or exotic watercraft? Well, if you’re handy with tools, and have a modest nutshell stashed away, you may be in luck! For a fraction of the cost of those “if you gotta ask you can’t afford it” dream toys, you can build your own dream machine. Thanks to the wonderful world of kits, if it’s worth lusting after, chances are it’s available as a “build-it-yourself.” Factory Five says “Forget Ferrari!” They help you build a world-class supercar in your garage with their custom kits. Want to live out your “TOP GUN” fantasy? With $500,000 and the ViperJet MKII kit, you can build your own personal “fighter jet.” If you dig the idea of catching BIG air, then get a load of the $85,000 Universal Hovercraft UH-19XRW Hoverwing. This ground-effect amphibious vehicle (AKA hovercraft) flies two to six feet above the water. And you won’t even need a pilot’s license!” – SpeedTV.com


  • Charles Nettles

    I love the Factory Five Cars especially the MK4 Roadster & the GTM Supercar
    I’ve always wanted to be a car designer and to me Mr. David Smith, you are living a dream of mine. Congradulations on becoming the sole owner of Factor 5.
    Currently, I am building a new home for myself and my wife and all my funds are going in that direction. It is going to have 3 garages. When it is complete, my next project will be a Factory 5 MK4 Roadster. I love the preformance of the open replica of the Copra Roadster and the quality of the Factory 5 products. Designing and building your own style of car has to be the ultimate accomplishment. Next to that, would be building and driving a MK4 Roadster or GTM Supercar from Factory 5.

    I would love to have one of the ViperJet MKll kit as well. That is a fantastic plane kit for people who like speed and style.

    Those two toys would really make a man happy.
    They would do wonders for the heart muscles.

    • Floyd Burdett

      I am right there with you, Charles! The Car FIRST…and THEN the JET!
      I have a Brother-in-Law who has over 25 years experience with Jet Engines! First as a Crew Chief on an Air Force C-130 {7 yrs full-active and 20 yrs of Active Reserves}, then over 20 years with Delta as a Chief Engine Maintenance!}, and I am SURE that he would LOVE to help me build a pair of jets! (One for me, and one for him!). (o;

  • Hi
    Years ago I was really impressd with your Ferrari California. I was ready to buy it and was informed of the Ferrari suit. Since then I saw your lineup of cars.But how about trying something historical. Recently saw a rebuild of a Lancia D50. How about a Lancia D24. Maybe a small displacement handler Alfa Guilietta type may be very marketable.Just a thought

    • Floyd Burdett

      YES, the California was a beautiful Car! I would also LOVE to see a ‘tribute’ to the Testa Rossa 250! But I realize legal constraints are what they are… Maybe something ‘close’ that would not actually be an infringement…?
      Man would that be an elegant car! (o:

  • It would be helpful if the video could be posted in a format available in Canada. Hulu is blocked.

  • Can’t enter the contest and now I can’t even watch the video…all because I’m in Canada. Come on Factory Five and Speed, you have a Canadian client base but you choose to ignore them!

    • Hi Blaine,

      Sorry for the hassle. The rules are set by the Powerblock. It does say that Canada is elidgible, but there’s also a catch apparently. Here’s what the rules state from the official website – “2. ELIGIBILITY: This Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia (specifically excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, and all other U.S. and foreign territories and possessions) and all provinces of Canada (excluding Quebec and all French-speaking areas) (collectively, the “Eligibility Area”) who are 18 years of age or older, and are the age of majority in their state of residence at the time of entry, and currently reside in (and are physically located in) the Eligibility Area at the time of entry (“Participants”).” Not sure where you’re located, but could that be why you’re having difficulty?

      -Mad Dog

  • Floyd Burdett

    Looking forward to the Car Warriors Episode!
    Don’t think there is ANY chance that *I* could build one in 48 hours!!

    Also following the 818 Project!

  • I cannot thank you enough for the article post. Really Cool.