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Stand and Recognize Capt. Brandon Stockwell, USMC

Posted on May 23rd, 2012

Today I received an e-mail from Mike and Kim Stockwell, the parents of Capt. Brandon Stockwell, who gave us an update on how he’s doing after his fourth deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq. Mike included some photos of Brandon with his Factory Five Roadster and the attack helicopter he flies.

“He’s pretty proud of his build and it was quite the head turner at the base and flight line,” said Matt and Kim Stockwell.

Everyone in the Factory Five community owes Brandon and his fellow service members a big thanks!

Dave Smith



    Hay capt Brandon great job on that build she looks awsome, and thank you for the great job your doing for our country, may god bless you and all those men and women fighting for the freedom we have in This great country of ours.

  • Steven A. Larmann

    Thank You For Serving & Protecting Our Freedom!!!

  • Brandon Stockwell

    Always nice for the servicemen and women to have the support from back home, it makes it easier and more worthwhile! I got the car done over the course of three deployments and then had to deploy on the forth. It is a blast to drive and I’m looking forward to the next build once I save up some more money.

    • WizardSleeve

      ooorah sir i see your still fighting the good fight keep up the good work, cobra looks good too finally got some paint on it
      Sgt Hughes

  • Frank Pawloski

    I work at squadron HMLAT-303 as a mechanic, my unit is positioned right next to his, proud to see he and his unit arived safely from their last deployment – proud Private First Class of Marines.