160 MPG Factory Five GTM!

Details: Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Innovation Award Winner
The November 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics includes a front page blurb that states:

“The 160 MPG built by high school students!”

And inside is a feature on the TDI-powered GTM hyper mileage car built by the kids at West Philly High School and directed by faculty adviser Simon Hauger.

Each year, Popular Mechanics celebrates the year’s best and boldest inventions. Our car shared this honor with James Cameron and his deep sea camera rig technology, the Mars rover, a cell phone tower in the palm of your hand, a cure for paralysis, and bird-like flying robot as well as a reasonable space capsule and a super-efficient engine design… pretty serious company.

We are super proud of the accomplishments made by Simon’s team and have an agreement going forward to integrate this technology into our newest 818 chassis.

Factory Five Racing

GTM at Popular Mechanics’ Awards Night