20 Years of Connections at Factory Five

I worked this past Saturday at Factory Five, doing plant tours and essentially the same job I’ve been doing since 1995.  Customer Chris P from Ohio was here to pick up a Hot Rod. I recognized Chris immediately from 50 yards away.  I sold a Mk1 Roadster to Chris back in 1997, and he was there with his buddy Greg “The Wheelie Man” LaPoint at the Run & Gun races where I famously flipped my car, we taped it back together, and won “King of the Hill” at the event! Chris was in the pits back then, and he still has the Mk1 he built himself. Back then his son was only 5 years old.

On Saturday, Chris was here to build a new ’33 Hot Rod with his son who is now a grown man in his own right.  It was great seeing Chris and reconnecting over the years. We both had changed, but not as much as you’d expect. We are both doing the same thing that we love.

Chris and his son pick-up a Hot Rod almost 20 years after his first Factory Five!

Customer Ron Chatel and his son were also here on Saturday to pick-up their own Hot Rod.  Ron’s son is 15 years old and only one year away from a driver’s license!

Chris and his wife Tammy from Oklahoma were visiting Saturday.  I took Chris for a test drive about five years ago.  He was out on vacation and thought he’d show his wife the place.

Last weekend, we had five pick-ups (three shown here), and last Saturday, we had two Hot Rod pick-ups.

Factory Five customer Mike Everson picks up his Mk4 Roadster a week ago Saturday.

Stewart Transport left Saturday morning with a full truck load.

Factory Five’s Matt C. reviews the packlist and kit documentation with Chris and his son.

On the way home I thought of Chris and all the people between then and now, who have been part of this amazing story. The story is still being written.  The company has changed a lot over the years, and it has been exciting to have had a front row seat thru it all. It has also been a great honor. Of all the accomplishments and all the exciting things that lay ahead, it is these connections that I treasure most.

Dave Smith