2012 Carlisle Imports & Replicas Show Report

This year’s Carlisle Imports & Replicas Show featured perfect weather and lots of great people.  The full FFR line-up was on hand including customer Tim D.’s 347-powered Mk4 Roadster and customer Tim P.’s Type 65 Coupe.  This is one of the few Coupes with a dual overhead cam 4.6L drivetrain.

FFR Team members Jason, Brian F., Josh, and Dan along with FFR customers Tim D. and Tawnee & Tim P. were on hand to answer questions and talk cars all weekend.

Factory Five Operations Manager Nate Johnson had his dad’s new ’33 Hot Rod on display in the Factory Five booth, and Bill “Rumbles” Phillips drove 450 miles to attend the show in his FFR ’33 Hot Rod coupe.  Bill also hosted a seminar while at the show discussing how project management skills can be applied to a build.

Several other Factory Five customers drove their cars to the show including a number of Roadsters, taking advantage of the sunny May weather, something that is not common this time of year.

Eric P. drove his twin-turbocharged GTM from about 100 miles away with 600+ reliable horsepower!  The car was getting lots of attention from the showgoers.

Not every day that a band serenades a GTM...but there's always a first time for everything.