2014 Carlisle Replica Nationals Report

It’s often said that if you’re in the automotive industry, you’re at SEMA, and if you’re not at SEMA, you’re not in the automotive industry.

A similar thing can be said of the Carlisle Import and Replica Nationals.  If you’re in the kit car business, you’re at Carlisle, and if you’re not at Carlisle, you’re not in the kit car business.

Factory Five customer Mike E.’s two-tone GTM was a stand-out at the 2014 Carlisle Show.

The annual Carlisle Show brings together all of the important kit car manufacturers in one place.  It is a relatively small show as the kit car industry is hardly an industry.  Still, it remains the largest and only kit car/replica manufacturers show in the country.  We’ve been going to the Carlisle Show since 1995, and have seen a lot change over that time.

This year’s Carlisle Show saw some familiar faces and some new ones.  The weather was nice, especially on Saturday when the crowds were thick.

The 2014 show had higher attendance than last year’s well attended event. (2013 Carlisle)

Factory Five customer Bob and Cindy M. brought their BEAUTIFUL Mk4 Roadster and displayed it in our booth.

The Factory Five crew was all over the map this weekend.  Joe, Jay, and Courtnie were joined by customers to work our booth in Carlisle while Dave Smith ventured to Automotion in the Wisconsin Dells, and Tony Zullo and his remaining staff manned visits and pick-ups here in Wareham.

Setting up the booth included a pre-release video of the All-Womens 427 Build that aired for the first time on “Detroit Muscle” the same weekend as Carlisle.

Bob and Cindy’s Roadster got a tremendous amount of attention during the show.

You never know who you are going to run into at Carlisle.  It may be a small show, but it attracts a unique audience. Factory Five customer Tim Potts took the opportunity to show the legendary Pete Brock his Coupe at the 2013 Carlisle Show.

Weather and travel plans prevented Tim from bringing his Coupe this year as planned (Tim’s #26 Coupe with Garry Bopp’s black with white stripes Type 65 Coupe at Carlisle 2013).

Tim Potts Coupe cancellation opened up a space for the absolutely STUNNING GTM owned by Factory Five customer Mike E. from Clarksville, MD.

With Carlisle behind us, we look forward to the Hot Rod Power Tour and our annual summer Open House.  Click here for more details.