2016 ST2 NASA Champion! John George in FFR #48

John George took home the ST2 East Coast NASA Championships at the famed Watkins Glen. The intensity of the race was shown in lap times, running 2:00 lap times consistently while battling through traffic.


ST2 is regulated by the power to weight ratio of 8.0:1. John was flying past some very fast race cars in ST2 and higher classes. John’s Factory Five Challenge Car with IRS is powered by a junk yard F-150 Coyote engine detuned to 351 HP.

John won the first qualifying race and placed second in the second qualifying race. The Championship race was interesting with a crash at the start, and a late yellow that regrouped the field for a white flag restart. John was in third, pressing for second, and within reach of the leader when first and second took each other out. John sneaked past the spinning cars for the lead and the Championship.


Congratulations to John, great driving! It is impressive how well this car performs in the NASA ST2 class.  Dollar for dollar I don’t think you can build a better performing race car for the money



Click here to read John’s full race report.