SEMA 2019 Report with Photos and Videos by Dave Smith

Opening Day, Tuesday Nov. 5, 2019

The first day of SEMA is always the most exciting as it is when we all get a complete view of the latest, greatest, and newest cars in the industry. We got a great start to the show with an indoor booth that showcased our Hot Rods and new F9 hypercar chassis, and an outdoor booth that had 8 cars rounding out almost of the Factory Five models.

Ford dedicated a lot of show space and attention to the upcoming new Bronco by featuring every type of vintage Bronco imaginable.

Before I go too far, I need to say that SEMA would not be possible without the tremendous help from so many customers and builders. The Factory Five Mott Community College Build School crew was on hand for the entire show. Jim, Renee, and Quentin were mostly working the indoor booth along with customers Ryan Valin, Stacy Jones, and Stacey’s daughter Megan were a huge help.

Brad Bisnette from ReinCarNation with Dave Smith.

As the show was getting underway on day 1, I was happy to accept the “Driver’s Choice” award from ReinCarNation Magazine for 2019 as voted on by their readers!

The all-new Factory Five Speedstar debuted in our indoor display. The car features Factory Five’s ’33 chassis and all-new Speedstar coupe body. Also, this year at SEMA, we announced Hemi powertrain availability in our Hot Rod line-up which include the ’33 Hot Rod, ’35 Hot Rod Truck, and the new Speedstar.

Also in our booth was Hot Rod Magazine’s feature build of this blue twin-turbo 5.0L Coyote-powered Factory Five Hot Rod Truck built by Mark Gearhart.

Dave Smith, Jim Schenck, and Jesper Ingerslev pull the wraps off the chassis for our new F9 Hypercar. The body will be shown in Q1 2020. Power for this show car comes from a 750 HP V12 LS.

At the end of the day, Power Automedia host Dennis Pittsenbarger filmed three interviews in the Factory Five booth highlighting the twin-turbo Coyote-powered ’35 Truck, the new Speedstar, and the F9 chassis.

Dave Smith discusses the newest addition to our Hot Rod line, the Speedstar!

Hot Rod Magazine’s Mark Gearhart is interviewed and gives the specifics of his 1,200 HP Truck build!

Director of R&D Jim S. discusses the chassis for Factory Five’s new hypercar.

Snap-On Tools featured a Factory Five Hot Rod Truck in their tool display.
This stunning black Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe was built by Ron Everitt for Jeremy F. from Logicar and was featured indoors.

While the indoor booth was packed, the outside display was even busier. Here are the cars we brought for the outside display before they were surrounded by people.

Brand-new Factory Five Half Mobile Mk4 Roadster.
SMG Motoring’s ’35 Hot Rod Truck.
Customer Kyle Kirk’s ’35 Hot Rod Truck.

Above & Below: Factory Five ’35 Hot Rod Truck body used in Hobbs & Shaw.

Customer Dale Anthony’s Mk4 Roadster.

2018 NASCAR Champion Joey Logano’s Factory Five Drift Rod was on display in the Ford Out Front area.

The show ends at 5 PM, and on Tuesday night is the SEMA PAC meeting. SEMA is involved in protecting motorsports rights around the country and nationally.

The crew from PowerNation with Dave Smith, Karen Salvaggio, and All Girls Garage host Cristy Lee before the SEMA PAC meeting Tuesday night.
Dave Smith with past SEMA President and Hot Rod Magazine legend Doug Evans.
One of the cool things about attending SEMA special events is you get to take pictures with people like Courtney Hansen and Cristy Lee.

Day 2, Wednesday Nov. 6th

Day two at SEMA was the busiest day with a jam packed schedule of videos, interviews, special guests, and a ton of customers in the booth. Power Automedia interviewed Al Toon (NY Jets) and his Type 65 Coupe with his builder Ron Everitt, and SMG Motoring’s recent Hot Rod Truck build. Dave Smith and Joey Logano did a live podcast from the indoor booth with Kevin and Willie B from Two Guys Garage.

The half mobile ’33 was great for customers to determine fitment.
Tony and Freddy with Dennis Pittsenbarger from Power Automedia.

2-minute video of SMG Motoring Inc.’s Fred Simmons Jr. and Factory Five’s Tony Zullo with Fred’s LS3 ProCharged Factory Five Hot Rod Truck at SEMA 2019.

Customer Myron Senko brought his twin-turbo LS9 GTM to SEMA from Canada, and his wife helped distribute brochures.

Customer-built twin-turbo LS9-powered GTM.

Team PDG brought their Trans Am winning GTM. Above: Winning drivers Carl Rydquist and Mike, a.k.a. Crash from Below: Owners Richard and Yvonne Migliori.

Two Guys Garage is launching a new podcast of 11/21, and one of their first episodes is with 2018 NASCAR Champion Joey Logano and Factory Five President Dave Smith. Here with hosts Willie B. and Kevin Byrd.

Left to Right: Willie B., Joey Logano, Dave Smith, and Kevin Byrd.
Dave Smith with 3-time NFL Pro-Bowl player Al Toon from the NY Jets. Dave and Al ran track at the University of Wisconsin together, and Al owns a Factory Five Gen 3 Coupe that was at the show.
Factory Five customer Jim Kalweit and his son brought friends to the SEMA Show.
Dave Smith, Jo Coddington (from American Hot Rod), and Dave Ankin (from Toy Makerz) at History Channel’s reception Wednesday night.

Wednesday night I joined Jo Coddington and Dave Ankin at the History Channel VIP reception. This is a great event, and History Channel is putting a big effort behind increasing their automotive footprint on cable TV.

Day 3, Thursday Nov. 7th

Thursday is the third day of SEMA, and typically very busy. This year was no exception as both our indoor and outdoor displays were jammed. The day started out with the crew from PowerNation filming with our team and Joey Logano as part of their SEMA Special being produced for NBC Sports.

PowerNation TV’s host of the show “Engine Power” Pat Topolinski interviewed myself and Joey about his Drift Truck. Then the crew went indoors to interview Tony Zullo and check out the new F9 hypercar chassis.

Something to note here. I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities in the car business, and Joey Logano is one of the best. 2018 NASCAR Champion, super nice guy, and fun to work with.

Above & Below: PowerNation’s Pat Topolinski hosted their 1-hour SEMA Special that will air soon on NBC Sports.

Factory Five’s Jim Schenck talks with Pat Topolinski in the indoor booth next to the F9 hypercar chassis.
Tony ready for his interview.
Washington Congressman Mike Kelly who has been instrumental in supporting SEMA’s Low Volume Manufacturer’s regulation visited the booth.

Above and Below: All Girls Garage host Cristy Lee also visited our booth, and spent some time taking photos with fans.

Dave Ankin from Toy Makerz is building a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe, and stopped by our booth.
Pro-builder Ron Everitt shows off the red Type 65 Coupe that he built for NFL player Al Toon.

Al Toon’s 5.0L Coyote-powered Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe.

Dave with Shelby Team driver Allen Grant.
NYPD Officers (and Factory Five Hot Rod customers) Steve and Steve were our guests at SEMA, and met Courtney Hansen at the SEMA dinner reception Thursday night.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped the Factory Five effort this year: Ron Everitt, Erik Treves, Freddy Simmons. Jr, Todd Erickson, John Kabacinski, Myron and Michele Senko, Kyle Kirk, Dale Anthony and his wife Blanda, Al Toon, Ryan Valin, Stacy Jones, Megan Jones, Mott’s Jim, Renee, and Quentin, Wayne Presley, Rich and Yvonne Migliori, Karen Salvaggio, and a ton of Factory Five customers who stopped by to say hello and lend a hand.