5-Day Snap-On Tools-Factory Five Coupe Build

This week we are building a Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe-R with the crew from Snap-On Tools. This build will be part of Snap-On’s broadcast series “From the Ground Up.” The quality of the parts going into this car is really exciting.

We have one of the very first, if not THE very first, Ford Performance 5.2L Aluminator 52XS crate engine going into the car. Our long term partners at KONI have set us up with a great set of double adjustable shocks. The crew at Wilwood shipped us a nice set of their cross drilled and slotted racing brakes. We’re running a Fuel Safe racing fuel cell and full fire suppression system. Unique to this car, and a first for Factory Five, are the All-Star Performance air jacks. Other parts include Aviaid dry sump system, Rays 18″ racing wheels, Sparco racing seats, and Aim digital race dash. The car will have full aero front and back and use our new front aero bumper cover, carbon fiber front splitter, and double front aero canards. In the back, we will run a rear wing and under aluminum sheet.

Day 1 – Monday, March 13

Cold and snow is forecast for tomorrow, but we’re running red hot here at Factory Five on day 1 of our Snap-on Tools Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe build! Huge thanks to the amazing people at Ford Performance for delivering a very exciting engine. This will be an epic build, and we’ll keep you update all week. The full episode will be available on Snap-On’s series “From the Ground Up” in about a month.

The first day was for set-up, tool and part inventory, and getting ready for the action to start.

The white powdercoated Coupe-R chassis is ready for the project.

The crew from Snap-On spent the day organizing their tools, unpacking, and getting ready for the build.

Scott Sengpiel from Snap-On shows Jesper his mega tool cabinet.

We are sponsored by Snap-On and all of our tools come from them.

Lots of shiny metal parts!

We are starting the build with a painted body. Jon had to do some engine work to get the 5.2 ready for a dry sump oiling system.

At the end of the day, we had done a few hours of assembly work on the car which included front and rear suspension and about half of the aluminum panels. The engine is ready for install.

Tuesday, March 14

Today is day 2 of the Snap-on Tools Factory Five Gen 3 Coupe build. We started out the day with front and rear suspensions installed on the chassis and about half of the aluminum panels drilled and mounted. Check out the progress.

The very, very cool Ford Performance Aluminator 52XS engine awaits install.

Jim finishes installing the dry sump on the engine while Tony, Jesper, and the Snap-On crew work on the chassis.

Those cylinders behind the suspension are air jacks. Did you know the original 1965 was the first race car to feature air jacks for pit stops?

We painted the body in advance of the one week build. We also powder coated the aluminum panels metallic grey. All race chassis at Factory Five are now powdercoated white standard.

Engine was in by 2 PM today and now Jon is working on plumbing and headers.

Scott from Snap-On helps Jim and Tony from Factory Five up top while Factory Five’s Jon works on the headers.

Day 3 – Wednesday, March 15

On day 3 of the Snap-on Tools Factory Five Gen 3 Coupe build we expect to wrap up the engine and plumbing. The footbox and pedals are in as well.

Tony from FFR and Scott from Snap-On started bright and early at 8 am.

Wilwood brakes are going to do a great job of slowing the car down. KONI double adjustable shocks and Fuel Safe fuel cell are race duty parts.

The body was painted in advance and Jim spent the morning getting the headlights, tail lights, and trim items on the body so it is ready to be mounted by the end of the day.

Above & Below: Tons of details to attend to like bleeding brakes, finishing wiring and plumbing, and getting the dash wiring complete.

Filming tends to slow down the project, but the crew is making good progress.

The R frame has functioning doors with the outer skin only. Behind the door are the crash bars added to the R Coupe.

Factory Five’s Dave Smith talks to Scott Sengpiel from Snap-On about the progress of the project.

Factory Five’s favorite road racer came by to spy on the race car.

Nate Johnson leads the team in an impromptu sing-a-long of “Low Rider.”

The end of the day witnessed the very first start of the very first 5.2L Ford Aluminator 52XS engine outside of the walls of Ford Performance!

“From the Ground Up” host Jared Deanda talks to Factory Five’s Tony Zullo about this exciting new engine.

Day 4 – Thursday, March 16

Big day today as we fired up the Ford Performance 5.2L Aluminator 52XS engine for the first time. We confirmed with the team at Ford that this engine is THE very first aftermarket 5.2L in the world. Such a great honor, and after hearing it come to life, we are even more anxious to get the car to the track and see what 580 normally aspirated horsepower in this car is like.

It’s alive! Here’s a short video of the Ford Performance 5.2L Aluminator 52XS first start in the Type 65 Coupe.

Above & Below: This morning, this is where we started with the crew staying late last night and mounting the rear body clip.

We are soon to be introducing a new line of aero parts for the Gen 3 Coupe. These rear brake vents are just one of these new parts.

The carbon fiber rear brake vent installed.

Jon Dean preps some custom brackets.

FFR’s Jay Kravitz mounts massive 335/30/18 rears with 295/30/18 fronts with Scott from Snap-On.

FFR’s Tony Zullo and Jim Schenck love working together!

The doors were mounted right around noon today.

Above & Below: The team is THRASHING today with tools and parts everywhere!

Nothing like fresh rubber!

The second half of the day there has been a flurry of activity. The windshield glass is going in this afternoon and the nose will be installed later today.

Day four was the day that lasted forever as the crew worked until about 11 PM to finish mounting the front nose, side exhaust, and aero components.

Day 5 – Friday, March 17

First thing Friday morning, the car gets sponsor decals/graphics. Today we are going to spend the day cleaning up the shop, putting tools away, and getting the car ready for track duty. The car is running/driving, but will need another week or so of nut and bolt checks and small details. Here are some shots of where we ended up at the end of four days.

It’s hard to believe that five days ago this car wasn’t far away from the kit in the background. Huge thanks to the crew from Snap-On Tools for a fun week and for the awesome free tools! The road ahead for this particular car is very exciting. The car will be heading south to do some track testing for the show, after which it will headline Snap-On Tools National Convention and end the year at the 2017 SEMA Show with lots of track time between now and then!

Dave Smith

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