500,000 Miles in a Factory Five!


That is not a misprint.  Factory Five customer Ralph Button built his Mk1 Roadster in 1997 and is 100 miles away from turning 500,000 miles!  The coolest thing is that Ralph is one of the best guys you’ll ever know.  His story is better than I could tell and he’s a person I’m proud to have as a friend.

Ralph has become well known in the Factory Five community and online (you can talk to him on the Factory Five customer forum www.ffcars.com and his user handle is RButton).  Way back in 2003, he drove his venerable blue, supercharged 5.0L Roadster from the Carolinas to Vegas and back.  This trip was documented in the video below.

Congratulations to Ralph on a remarkable milestone!  Stay tuned to read more about Ralph and his Mk1 Roadster in an upcoming magazine article.

Dave Smith