Bruins Win 2011 Stanley Cup! Message to FFR Canada Customers

All of New England is going crazy celebrating the game 7 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup victory! At the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to send our very best regards to all of our Canadian customers and congratulate the Vancouver Canucks on a great season and a great championship battle.
Today, we shipped out a Mk4 Roadster kit to a Canadian customer and at the same time, coincidentally, received two very nice e-mails from Factory Five Canada customers.

Dave Smith

Canadian customer Tony H. and his son Mike and their Factory Five Roadster project in process.

“Hi Dave,
I read your story and was envious of your family heritage. I am sorry we missed the Open House this year but my son and I are working hard to complete FFR # 6752. It’s been rather difficult obtaining parts, getting them shipped to Toronto, and after a bout with prostate cancer, “Go Karting”

in the fall, is now our goal. Building something with your hands (and a helping son, Mike,) is now my lifes work, the times shared together, passing wrenches, working to early morning hours is indeed priceless. I will take on the challenge of body work, but have a pro shoot colour for me. I wish you and your company continued success, you must be very proud, your staff are a team, and you are their coach, a winning combination. Good luck with the 818 project. See you next year.”

Tony H.
Toronto, Ontario

“To owners, and employees of FFR :

Just a word of thanks to everyone. As a business owner, I know how important good employees are and it was a pleasure dealing with all employees I met to name a few,

Chris and Eddie and Jason, also Jim and owner Dave when I ordered the kit.Also to the other staff that I hadn’t met, that are all very important in making your company run so well.

My 492 mile drive from home was great and the border crossing was no problem whatsoever.You’ve done a great job with the details on the importation of your starter kits.

Thanks again from the Canuck!”

Chris B.