A Day in the Life at Factory Five

I am always proud of the team here at Factory Five. I do however, sometimes take for granted the fact that we get a lot done in a day.  Yesterday it was impossible to notice the scale and pace of the work.  I thought to myself, “I should share with folks what happens in a single morning here at Factory Five.”  Here’s what was going on yesterday morning.

Three trucks sets new record!

The boys from Stewart Transport arrived yesterday – Steve, Jim, and Don. The thing is each guy brought a different truck! Never before have we loaded THREE semi trucks at once!  The guys in production are happy to have some swinging space again as we were getting pretty backed up. Thanks to Steve, Jim, and Don for their great work on behalf of our customers.

Dave, Jim, Steve, Don, and Nate in front of truck #2.

Truck #2 (above) and truck #1 (below).


Jim showed up in the only white trailer left.  Graphics soon to be added.


The warehouse was very full waiting for Stewart trucks.

Truck #1 begins loading at 9:00 a.m.

New Plotter!

Our best buddy Jeremy Luchini from Luchini Designs scored a deal on some used major-league Hewlett Packard Plotters, and gave us one since he knew we were in the market. Jeremy is building a GTM, and he is always thinking of others! We were about to replace one of our old plotters in Engineering, and the “special delivery” came at the right time! Gotta LOVE the FFR Community!

Jesper and Jeremy put together the new HP plotter.



Customer Jimmy B. Mk4 Pick-Up

In the middle of loading Stewart trucks, customer Jimmy B. and his wife showed up from Tennessee to pick up their Mk4 roadster! I gave them a quick tour around and Jimmy asked if he could leave his trailer here overnight while he and his wife went down the Newport, RI.  No problem, we got Jimmy’s truck and trailer all parked and put away.


Factory Five’s Matt, Jim and his wife, and Tony

Nate Johnson was a busy man on the fork truck, and all smiles now that wheels are in stock!


Bonneville Record Holding Coupe Arrives from Oregon!

As Nate was finishing up loading Jim’s car, and showing him where he could leave his trailer, the guys were unloading a completed car that was sent here from Oregon. The car is a special one. It is the Factory Five Type 65 Coupe that set the Bonneville Land Speed Record over 200 mph on the Salt Flats back in 2008!  The owner Farra S. is letting me “borrow” the car for some upcoming Land Speed races that I want to run in. The car is heart-attack serious, professionally built, and ready to rock! How many people are THAT kind of friend who would loan a guy a 200 mph car for fun?

Matt clears the way as Jim, Tony, and John push the car into the showroom.


We’ve had photos of this car on the wall here at Factory Five for years, and now having it parked in the middle of the showroom is a huge honor.



In addition to all of this going on, the office was fielding a flood of tech calls and parts orders. The Ops crew were busy welding, molding, and working in chassis assembly and packaging.

All just another day in paradise. All just another day at the helm of this amazing company working with the best people and the best customers in the world!

Dave Smith