Back Home from London…Ohio

Cars Arrive Back Home in Wareham from London C-Car Show

Every time I forget what a cool job I have, I walk around the building and take some pictures with my cell phone camera. I swear more things happen on a daily basis here. This morning, the truck arrived from the Ohio LCS show, we unloaded it, and were back to normal business by 9:30 in the morning. That’s quite an operation. Here are some photos:

Dave Smith

Tech’s Brian Z. backs out the big bad 427 FE powered Mk3 Roadster.

Chris, our driver, ran the truck through the wash just before arriving.

The LCS cars getting ready to be loaded back in the showroom.

It’s a shame to put the Coupe back in the showroom. After the London C-car show, I want to point it towards California.

In shipping today, Nate Johnson and Jason Lavigne unpacked out brand new Billet specialty rims.

Ops manager Nate Johnson, “just like Christmas,” with a really big Salt Flats rim.

Our trimming robot is back online.

Fred puts the finishing touches on an outgoing Mk4 heading to Czech Republic!

For those of you who remember the Cold War, imagine this Factory Five Mk4 is going to be cruising the mean streets of the Czech Republic. How cool is that?

John George’s spec racer over Jim Schenck’s spec racer.

Ed Boothman’s 25 Hour endurance racer is getting a new body and other upgrades!

Jesper makes sure Brian doesn’t punch a Coupe shaped hole in the wall.