Back from SEMA 2016: Full House!

Now is a great time to visit Factory Five Racing! The entire crew and all of our cars are back from SEMA and the Emerald Coast Cruizin’, and  you can check out all of the new cars here in Wareham, MA. The highlights from the SEMA Show and the newest Factory Five’s are the all-steel ’33 Hot Rod body and the all-new Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe.

We will be open on Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend from 9 am to noon, so when you’re done with your turkey and shopping on Friday, you can come check out some cars for a few hours on Saturday.  If you’re in the area, our regular hours at 9 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday, and 9 am to noon on Saturday.  We are closed on Thanksgiving and the day after.

The new Gen 3 Coupe is home and ready for visitors to “try it on for size.” The ’33 Hot Rod has a twin in steel!

Tony, Sally, and Dan (background) share a crowded and updated showroom.


Above & Below: The all-steel ’33 Hot Rod got home this morning courtesy of Scott “Honey Badger” Bell driving the Factory Five rig.


The Factory Five truck is set-up with upper and lower decks, and can transport as many as seven vehicles.

Jon Dean did a good job unloading the truck.  Here he is with the chassis for the Gen 3 Coupe.


The Gen 3 Coupe chassis is chassis #001 and will become the first production Factory Five Gen 3 Coupe (the light blue car featured at SEMA was our prototype).

Courtnie and Dan help Jay (driving) back the now famous Factory Five half mobile off the truck. The running/driving half car was a huge hit at SEMA 2016, and is now in the showroom.

Many people have visited and were looking for the 818 which was on the SEMA truck and spent the show in the KONI Shocks booth. The car is now home and ready for visitors.

The LS7-powered Factory Five GTM.


Visitors can check out both modern Factory Five designs in the showroom. The 818C (left) and the GTM Supercar (right).



Above: Dan and Courtnie unload the 289 USRRC Replica off the SEMA truck, while Jay drives (below).


Both Gen 2 and Gen 3 Coupes are here at Factory Five for comparison. Customers can still get a deal on the remaining Gen 2 cars while Gen 3 cars are being booked in early 2017.


Every year, we work feverishly to reach our goals for SEMA, and this year was no different. The staff a remarkable amount of work and everyone is looking forward to showing off all of our hard work. With that in mind, we invite you to visit and will make every effort to ensure that you have fun while you’re here!

Dave Smith