Bad Boy 427 Engine for All-Women's Build Team!

In a few weeks, an all-women team of industry professionals will be building a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster on PowerNation. We can’t leak all the details since the show will air in May, but we can show you that the girls won’t be going light on horsepower! The crew at Ford Racing sent them Ford’s 351W based 535 hp 427 stroker! The engine is accompanied by a completion package from Summit Racing that includes everything else you need for this engine, including transmission, bell housing, clutch, and engine intake, induction, and accessories.

Tech leader Tony Zullo and R&D Engineer Jim Schenck check out the monster 500+ hp 427 Ford Racing engine headed out to Nashville for an episode of “Detroit Muscle”.

Big thanks to the entire staff at Ford Racing and Summit Racing for putting together these parts. This will be a fun episode and we’re excited to see the custom mods these women bring to the build! We’re also excited to see what this monster will do at the strip.

Dave Smith