Barrett-Jackson 2017 Photos! More Pics Added!

The 2017 Barrett-Jackson Auction is officially underway! The crowds are huge, the weather is mild, and our crew is very, very busy covering our show truck with display cars and also building a steel body ’33 Hot Rod in the DIY area. Check out photos from this week.

Photos from Tuesday

The DIY area has been busy all day.

The Factory Five crew has been joined by customers to work on the ’33 Hot Rod build.

The weather is mild. This is predicted to be the slowest day of the show with crowds getting absolutely insane starting tomorrow, Friday, and the big day Saturday.

The cars heading into the live auction pass directly in front of the Factory Five booth.

The first Factory Five crossed the block on Tuesday (above) while Vinny and Ron (below) work on the ’33 Hot Rod.

We’re not quite half way through the show and the Factory Five crew is going strong. Front: Karen and Ron. Back: Jay, Mike, Ryan, Vinny, Tony, and Chris from BluePrint Engines.

Photos from Monday

The Factory Five crew is being helped out by a cadre of Factory Five customers.

We brought the all-new Type 65 Coupe and the half-mobile Mk4 Roadster.

There are tons of customer cars at this year’s Barrett-Jackson event, both in the auction and in our display.

This killer GTM is in the vehicle auction.

The Factory Five ’33 Special Edition Hot Rod Magazine car is also up for auction.

This beautiful silver Challenge Car is being auctioned.

The weather is fantastic (compared to Wareham, MA in January!). The Factory Five big rig is headquarters for our outdoor display with four cars and a good group of customers helping out.

The boys at BluePrint Engines provided us the engine for this really cool, running, driving half-mobile.

Above & Below: In the DIY area, we are building an all-steel body ’33 Hot Rod with a small block 306 ci. Ford engine, TKO transmission, and all-new 2015 Ford IRS.

Left to right: Dan, Mike, Ron, and Karen. Tony’s (background) is in charge of our effort at the show.

The ’33 Hot Rod is being built from a bare frame all the way to the completed car over the 8 days of the Barrett-Jackson show.

We haven’t been to the Phoenix, AZ area for a while and it’s great meeting tons of new customers. People are amazed at the amount of space in the latest Mk4 Roadsters.

Factory Five customer Ron Everitt (above) helps customers with questions. Ron has built many Factory Fives and we brought his blue and white, Coyote-powered Mk4 to the show this year.

There is nothing like a test fit with the real thing. The only thing better is when your wife smiles and says, “Build it, honey!”

The Barrett-Jackson show goes from 10 am to midnight and the Factory Five crew is covering both the DIY area live build as well as the show & event trailer outside.  Without the help of customers, this could not be done.

Former Factory Five Tech Specialist Vinny D. helps with the IRS install on the steel body Hot Rod (Vinny moved to Arizona, so we asked for his help during the show).

There are Factory Fives everywhere you look at the Barrett-Jackson show!

Next to the ’33 Hot Rod live build, Adams Polishes is detailed our flame Hot Rod.

The Barrett-Jackson goes through this Sunday, and there is something fun to do every day. The biggest auction cars will be hitting the block on Friday and Saturday, and we will be turning the key and firing up the all-steel body ’33 Hot Rod with Jeff Miller on Saturday.