Barrett-Jackson 2018 Daily Updates! More Photos Added!

Check this post for daily updates from the Barrett-Jackson Show in Scottsdale, AZ.

Final Recap

The 2018 Barrett-Jackson was a huge success, and more notable than anything, was the teamwork and fellowship between Factory Five customers and our crew. One of our favorite customers and pro-builders Ron Everitt brought a Mk4 Roadster to the event, and it was the subject of a week long build in the DIY during the 10-day event.  The highlight of the event was when the car went across the auction block on Sunday night, the final night of the auction.  Ron’s car would sell for $60,000 which is a great number! Congrats to Ron and the team! The rest of the Factory Five crew worked crazy long hours without a break for 10-days straight!

Next stop: Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA this weekend, January 26 – 28.

The live build car owned by Ron Everitt was auctioned for $60,000.

Karen, Freddy, Ron, Ryan, Stacey, Paul, and Todd showing off the best of Factory Five and still smiling after 10 days of work!

The weather was perfect with the exception of a few passing showers. Thankfully, the new Factory Five awning did its job to protect the cars from rain and sun.

The live build car was completed the day before the auction.

The nice weather brought out a nice crowd.

The Coupe-R (red #22) and Karen’s Coupe (blue #28) put the new design out there for people to see.

Factory Five customer cars joined factory builds at this year’s show.

Karen brought her Gen 3 Coupe-R and a photobomber (Ryan).

Freddy, Todd, and Ryan carried most of the water in the Factory Five booth. Here with the ’35 Hot Rod Truck.

Barrett-Jackson is more than an auction. It is a global event that brings together car buyers, sellers, celebrities, projects, and a great number of cars you might not see anywhere else. We are already planning next year’s show!

Thursday, January 18

This morning, the Factory Five crew arrived at Barrett-Jackson to find the official block number of the Live Build Mk4 Roadster in the DIY section. It is officially Lot 1605 and will be going across the block Sunday! Yesterday, the crew fired up the car for the first time, and today they’ll be finishing up the interior. Next the body will go on.

The main Factory Five booth remains busy with show attendees filling the booth to check out the latest Factory Five builds!

Factory Five builder Ron Everitt has been working on the Mk4 Roadster in the DIY booth all week.

We have our Barrett-Jackson lot number officially on the Mk4! The completed car will be going across the block this Sunday!

The Mk4 “Half Mobile” Roadster in the DIY section.

Our 289 USRRC replica is getting a lot of attention. FFR builder Ryan Valin talks with a customer about the 289 kit early this morning.

The crowds starting to fill in this morning to check out our booth.


Karen proudly remembers the legendary Dan Gurney with this decal on her Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe-R.

Wednesday, January 17

The FFR crew at Barrett-Jackson have been working some long days staying till around 10:00 PM until the auction closes, but all reports sounds like everyone is having a blast discussing our latest builds with customers while assembling the Mk4 Roadster in the DIY section. The build is going well with the engine installed yesterday and wiring today. They should be close to the first start. Tony has posted a couple of videos live from the event on our Facebook page, and here’s a few images from the start of the show this morning.

The Ford 5.0L Coyote has been installed in the Mk4 Roadster at the Barrett-Jackson Live Build.

Factory Five’s Tony Zullo took a break from working on the car to discuss the build with the Barrett-Jackson hosts.

The new ’35 Hot Rod Pick-Up Truck is ready for show attendees to check out today.

Factory Five customers Dave and Grant Hodgkins have their Roadster on display next to the Hot Rod Truck.

The crowds starting to fill in this morning and pretty soon, the Factory Five booth will be packed with customers.

Fred from SMG Motoring built this ’33 Hot Rod which is on display at our booth at the auction.

Click here to view Tony’s videos from the show on our Facebook page.

Monday, January 15

First day of the week kicks off with two Factory Five projects in the DIY area. The live build of a brand-new Mk4 Roadster is going on right next to the installation of a FiTech carburetor look-a-like fuel injection system onto the Factory Five Mk4 “Half Mobile” Roadster.

The Mk4 Roadster build in the Barrett-Jackson DIY section is coming along nicely. In the photo above, the crew works on the front suspension.

Our Factory Five Mk4 “Half Mobile” Roadster featuring a BluePrint Engine 306 is now in the DIY section to have an FiTech fuel injection system installed.

This Mk4 Roadster is being built all week at the show.

Tony, Ryan, and Ron get busy building the Mk4 in the DIY area.

Ryan and Stacey are working at the outdoor Factory Five display.

Friday, January 12

Left to Right: FFR customers Fred, Todd, Ron, and Karen help Tony Zullo and the Factory Five guys set-up.

Chris R. and the great guys at FormaCars are set-up right next to us on the main midway where all auction cars pass.

This year’s show gives us a chance to try our our brand-new big rig awning.