Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2019 Report and Pics!

Barrett-Jackson has become one of the “must see” car events of the year. Much like SEMA, it seems that everyone in the car industry is there for this nine-day event. It doesn’t hurt that it is 70 degrees and sunny in Scottsdale when the rest of the country is freezing! Reports were that more than 50,000 tickets were sold in a single day. That is a huge crowd, especially considering a car-buyer’s crowd.

In any event, this was our third year attending the massive Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, and we brought our show and event truck and a LOT of help! Customers stepped up huge to help in the booth and also in the live-build. In the Factory Five display under our tent we had a great combination of Factory Fives including Mike Villa’s ’33 Hot Rod. Mike’s ’33 was at SEMA 2018. Also in our display was Joe Stazione’s Mk3 Roadster, Ryan Valin’s Mk4 Roadster, Freddy S.’s “Battle of the Builder” ’35 Hot Rod Truck that debuted at SEMA, and a ’35 Hot Rod Truck kit that was for sale (and sold). The 2nd Gen ’33 Hot Rod chassis was featured in our partner BluePrint Engine’s booth. Over in Restoration Alley, we built chassis #002 of the Factory Five Barrett-Jackson Special Edition Hot Rod Truck which attracted show attendees all week long, some of whom helped build the car!

Factory Five pro-builder Chris Reylea and his team from FormaCars brought four cars: two Mk4 Roadsters, a Coupe fresh from SEMA, and a beautiful 818S.

Factory Five customers Ryan Valin and Stacy Jones helped talk with customers in Factory Fives booth all week long. Barrett-Jackson’s Jeff Catlin (middle) came by to say hi over the weekend.

Former NFL player Al Toon (6’4″ tall!) checks out the enlarged 2nd Gen Hot Rod. Al is currently having a Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe built that will debut at SEMA 2019.

Customers filled both of our displays for the entire show. We even ran out of brochures by Thursday! People really enjoyed watching the Live-Build ’35 Hot Rod Truck progress throughout the week.

The crew from FormaCars have a great display, and came all the way out from Ohio.

There were five Factory Fives up for auction throughout the week: two GTMs, the 2018 SEMA Show Live-Build Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe, an Mk3 Roadster, and #001 Factory Five Barrett-Jackson Special Edition Truck! The GTMs did really well selling for over $80,000, the Live Build Coupe sold for $77,000, and the Special Edition Truck pulled in $68,200 on Sunday.

Lot 850.1 – GTM Supercar sold for $88,000.

Lot 782: Type 65 Coupe sold for $77,000. Builder Ron Everitt went out on stage with the rest of the Factory Five crew when the Coupe went across the block. Being on stage at this massive event is really a huge rush!

The Factory Five Barrett-Jackson Special Edition ’35 Hot Rod Truck was featured throughout the show all week long leading up to itss trip across the stage on Sunday. It’s been a lot of fun working with Barrett-Jackson on this project, and they were stoked to have both #001 go across the block with #002 being built in Restoration Alley.

Show attendees got an up close look at the Barrett-Jackson Truck before it finally went up for auction on the last day of the show.

The auction area was packed as the Barrett-Jackson Truck finally went up for auction. It ended up selling for $68,200!

Factory Five Barrett-Jackson Special Edition Trucks #001 and #002 in Restoration Alley on Sunday.

The Live Build Truck crew worked hard all week, and did a fantastic job! The build features an LS3 and the new optional deluxe grill. Barrett-Jackson purchased truck #002.

Freddy’s ’35 Hot Rod Truck is now sold. Barrett-Jackson is definitely a place to buy a great car.

Thanks to customers Ron Everitt, Ryan Valin, Stacy Jones, Freddy Simmons, Mike LaPointe, Paul Gillespie, Chris and the crew from FormaCars, Joe Stazione, Mike Villa. Thanks also to Dave and his daughter Kendra for helping with the Truck Live Build.

Huge thanks to the crew at Barrett-Jackson for making everything easy!