Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Update

We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time to post photos and video updates of all the action at the huge Scottsdale, Arizona Barrett-Jackson Auction! The crew is more than half way done building the LIVE BUILD Barrett-Jackson Special Edition Truck #002 in the Restoration Alley. Truck #001 is scheduled for auction on Sunday, and there are a host of Factory Fives heading to the block today.

Traffic at the Factory Five booth has been steady, and the weather has been mild. Check out some great photos below.

The Special Edition Barrett-Jackson Truck is getting a ton of attention, and was featured in the company’s e-mail blast.

Ron Everitt’s white and blue Type 65 Coupe that was built at SEMA 2018 is going up for auction today!

The entrance to the auction. Weather has been partly sunny and mild which is typical for this time of year in Arizona.

Above & Below: It’s easy to get lost in the sheer number and variety of cars at the auction.

Above & Below: The main auction area sees cars auctioned for nine days straight!

Ryan Valin built this red and block BluePrint Engine 427 HO-powered Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. He brought it all the way from Ontario, Canada.

Live Build Photos

All the action in the D.I.Y. Area, now called Restoration Alley, is on the Factory Five Barrett-Jackson Truck #002.

Tony, Mike, and Ron make serious progress.

With three more days to go in the show, there are a good number of Factory Fives up for auction. We will report the results as the auction continues.