Beautiful Type 65 Coupe from Customer Bob T.!

Congratulations to Factory Five customer Bob T. from Columbia, TN who completed his Type 65 Coupe build earlier this year!  Bob drove over 1,100 miles round trip to pick-up his kit in January 2012, battling a few snow storms in the process.  That summer, the car was rolling and the engine was going in.  Bob sent the car off to paint in July 2013, and towards the end of 2014, Bob was finishing up the final details and trim, officially completing his build in January 2015.


Since then, Bob has been busy driving his car and taking it to various car shows.  The first car show was in March at the Hunters Custom Automotive show.  There was around 300 cars of all kinds, and Bob’s Coupe and another FFR Roadster owner drove down as part of the Columbia Cobra Club.


Here’s some specs on Bob’s Type 65 Coupe:

Engine: Factory 427 stroker – 750 Holley. Dart block. Forged internals, Comp cam, Edelbrock intake, AFR aluminum heads
Transmission: TKO600 5 speed with Moser 8.8 3-link 3.31 gear
Wheels: 18″ pin drive Halibrand replica wheels
Paint: PPG Titanium Silver
Body add-ons: Carbon fiber hot air vents, a cool air opening at windshield, an air filter hump made taller, and rollers added for hood alignment
Interior Trim: Quadmat insulation, door panels carpet, carbon fiber dash wrap and sills, Billet aluminum escutcheons

“Daytona Coupe designer Pete Brock spent some time in the Factory Five booth at this year’s SEMA Show, and I would have LOVED to have Bob T,’s Coupe to show him.” – Dave Smith

“Of course you can’t drive an original Daytona Coupe, they’re priceless. Pete Brock told us himself that the Factory Five version is as good as it gets when it comes to replicas. That’s good enough for us.” – Hot Rod Magazine

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