Behind The Scenes of Let's Go Design's Project 3

LGD’s Next SolidWorks Project Filmed at Factory Five

A few weeks ago, Factory Five was busy with two film productions using the facility.
One of those productions was with Jeremy Luchini and the crew of SolidWorks’ “Let’s Go Design” as they came to Factory Five to film the opening installment for their third project. The crew thought filming at Factory Five with some cars in action would be an exciting way to kick-off the new installment of the series so Dave Smith got behind the wheel of a Type 65 Coupe and a Gen 2 GTM and had some fun. Check out the videos below:

WARNING: This stunt was performed by a professional driver under controlled conditions and should not be attempted by anyone under any circumstances. Factory Five believes in driving responsibly at all times.

Factory Five President Dave Smith does donuts in a Type 65 Coupe around a baby carriage!

Keep checking back for more photos and video from the filming at Factory Five this week.

Behind the scenes of Let’s Go Design filming at Factory Five.