The Boston Globe Reviews the New Factory Five 818S


George Kennedy from The Boston Globe visited us here at Factory Five Racing a few weeks back, and had a chance to check out the manufacturing of the new 818 sports car.  George also had a chance to drive the street model along local back roads and report his seat-of-the-pants eval.  George noted the simplicity and drive-ability of the car, with only a small typo where he states the car weighs 181 kg. as opposed to 818 kg.

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“The 818 rivals the visual statement of the MK4, but the driving experience is far more manageable. It still requires your attention, but unlike the race-setup of the Shelby replica, the Subaru mechanicals left the 818 feeling far less insane, but just as fast. This drivability will make the 818 appealing to newcomers to this market, as will the simplicity of construction relative to other kit cars.” – George Kennedy, Staff Writer, Boston Globe