Customer Brett C.’s Mk4 Roadster

Brett C.’s Factory Five Mk4 is a work of art, captured beautifully by his son Braden. This stunning Roadster boasts a Ford Strokers short block 347, GAS-N headers, Tremec TKO 5-speed transmission, and Wilwood brakes. Ken Pike (Street Rod Painter) handled the striking paintwork. Inside, it’s all about comfort and tech, with FFR leather seats, hidden speakers, and a Speed Hut GPS speedometer. This Mk4 is a masterpiece of performance and style.

Here are the details: 

Ford Strokers (Jim Woods) built short block 347: Dart block, all bore (4.125″), forged steel crank, forged H beam rods, and forged Wiseco Pistons. 

Custom cold air shroud sealing air intake to hood vent

GAS-N headers and side pipes

Lightweight aluminum flywheel

McLeod clutch 

Forte external hydraulic clutch system 

QuickTime Bell housing 

Tremec TKO 5-speed transmission

2015 Mustang IRS differential and knuckles with FFR control arms and half shafts

Driveshaft safety loop 

Original Shelby style rotating bar throttle linkage.

FFR Halibrand style 17” wheels

Nitto 5R tired 315/35-17 and 255/40-17

Eibach springs on Koni shocks

Wilwood brakes

Stainless steel hard brake lines 

Stainless steel hard fuel line and return.

Power steering with KRC adjustable pump tuned down for improved road feel but allows for 6 degrees caster.

Steering column turn signal stalk by Russ Thompson

Adjustable front spoiler

Welded Breeze stainless roll hoops.

Anniversary edition FFR carbon dash

Speed Hut GPS speedo

Upgraded FFR leather seats

Paint and bodywork by Ken Pike (Street Rod Painter) of Ken’s Custom Auto-body

Low profile Daytona Coupe style tail lights

Original remakes of Lucas tribar headlight assemblies with LED bulbs

Fully shrouded radiator inlet

Billet trunk hinge arms

Hydraulic hood struts

Plexiglass windshield

Hidden speakers between seats and under dash stereo

Custom leather tunnel cover

Arm rest and door pockets to match leather seats