Building the Factory Five Brand in the UK

Congratulations to Dan Walsh and his team at Tech-Autos on their feature in popular British magazine TKC (Track Kit Custom) this fall.

TKC was taken for a ride in Dan’s Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. A glimpse into how the ride went reads, “Personally, I love it. The seats are extremely comfortable, while those FIA-approved Simpson three-point harnesses are my new favourite things. You sit low down, part of the car, and feel experiences that it feels.”

In regards to sourcing parts across the pond it’s “trickier to source parts in the UK than USA, but there’s no issue really as every part you need is in stock at Tech Auto’s in Poole.”

Dan has been increasingly building the Factory Five brand in the UK, and has the ability to offer fully built cars with “prices that start at £95,000, which still makes them competitive.” 

As explained in the article, Dan’s Factory Five Type 65 Coupe ride left TKC feeling “very impressed at the quality of FFRs kit packages and the sheer enthusiasm and willingness to help customers and drive the American brand forward in the UK. FFR’s level of sales over many years tell me they are doing something very right, while their constant evolution is ongoing.”

Congratulations once again on the highlight to Dan, and on the progress he has made in Poole, UK already. The article goes so far to say, “This little part of Poole could soon be a satellite of Wareham, Massachusetts!”

If you are interested in becoming a Factory Five car owner in the UK, reach out to Tech Autos!

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