A Busy Day of Filming at Factory Five

We have fantastic partner companies that we work with here at Factory Five, and one of them visited us last week.  iContact is the company that helps us send out our monthly mass e-mails, and our Account Manager (and future Factory Five 818 owner) Brandon Allen asked if we would help film a testimonial video on how Factory Five uses iContact to stay in touch with our customers.

The film crew interviewed Factory Five President Dave Smith and web guy Dave Lindsey on how Factory Five shares Factory Five stories and events with their community of customers through e-mail.   iContact has helped to simplify the process over our 3+ year partnership.  Brandon (BrandonDrums on the Factory Five Forum) was also interviewed, and talked about how excited he was to help Factory Five with their e-mail campaign as he was already a big fan of FFR prior to working at iContact.

It was a fun shoot, and we would like to thank iContact for all of their help and including us in their new testimonial videos.

The film crew works on getting their equipment set up and ready to start filming.

Dave Smith was the first interview and explains how Factory Five uses iContact to stay in touch with the FFR community.

Factory Five web guy Dave Lindsey with iContact Strategic Adviser Brandon Allen.

Brandon was interviewed on how iContact has helped Factory Five reach more of our customers with their mass e-mail service.

The film crew spent part of their day grabbing footage of welding, molding, and the warehouse to include in the video.

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