Canadian Customer Tim N. on Adrenaline Klassic Magazine Cover!


The Canadian magazine Adrenaline Klassic Plus is a remarkable book, much like the storied Rodder’s Journal here in the US.  The magazine is printed in two languages simultaneously, French and English, which makes it quite unique.

Printed twice a year, it is more book than magazine, and in issue 4 Factory Five Canadian customer Tim N. scores a huge front cover and 8-page article inside!  Tim built a non-Factory Five Roadster and a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe.  He has since sold the Roadster and is planning his next build (*ahem* – may we suggest a ’33 Hot Rod?).

Congratulations Tim! Click here to subscribe and get your copy of Adrenaline Klassic Plus.

Dave Smith
The guys at Factory Five make fun of me because I always want to paint every car blue and white.  Thank you Tim for proving my point!