Car Warriors' 33 Hot Rod Build-Off – April 4th

East and West Coast teams with three special guests. Center-Left: Factory Five President Dave Smith's daughter Jenny Smith. Center-Right: Emily Kern. Right: Bleu Scott

Watch Speed Channel on Wednesday, April 4th at 9 PM EST to see a really fun episode of the show Car Warriors. Two Factory Five customer teams built ’33 Hot Rods side-by-side in only 48 hours! The two teams consisted of an East Coast team and West Coast team. I was present for the last day of filming and was impressed with the quality of the cars that were built. Tony Zullo laid down an amazing paint job for the East Coast crew while Jeff “Da Bat” Miller didn’t disappoint and delivered a one-of-a-kind Hot Rod for the West Coast team. All Factory Five customers can be proud of the way the teams represented the Factory Five community. The show airs this Wednesday, April 4th.