Profiles Factory Five Mk4 in Dubai!

Factory Five’s community continues to expand around the world with customers in other countries building and driving FFR kits. We recently were sent this story posted on’s website about a customer, Sam, who purchased a Mk4 Roadster in early 2020, and has been driving it around Dubai for the past year.

In January 2020, Sam started searching for a car that would excite him, and that’s when he decided to look for a Roadster. He found one for sale in the USA, and had it shipped to the UAE before he even knew if it could be registered. Luckily, he found Sharjah Classics who were able to help him get the car titled. It wasn’t long before’s Andy Stephens was talking with Sam about his Roadster for a story.

“Built in the USA, the car is fitted with a 302 Ford small block engine,” writes Andy, “meaning this relatively small car is still pulled along by a 5.0 V8, as any self respecting American car should be. Not only does this mean the Cobra has modern day performance and reliability, but also it has that distinct, raw muscle car rumble. The side mounted exhausts amplify the already bassy tone of the engine, making this car’s presence known well before you see it.”

“Meticulous and detailed, Sam does everything he can to keep the car running and looking as good as new, revelling in the ear-to-ear smiles it gives him every time he turns the key and sets off on another drive,” continued Andy.

You can read the full article and check out more photos on’s website here.