Carl Emery Slays Tail of the Dragon

A friend/member of the Coastal Carolina Cobra Club contacted Carl Emery the day before the “Smokey Mountain Drives” Dragon Rally XXV, and said he had a paid admission. Carl says, “I was the only FFR car in the bunch. It was a last minute decision to go. I drove a total of 12 hours that day and about 450 miles. I put the MK4 through it’s paces, and drove turn for turn with many other more experienced and better-prepared cars. Many drivers came up to me to tell me that the handling and turning of my car looked to be spot on, and the drive off the turns was explosive. i.e. I was leaving them all behind.”

A bit about Carl’s car is that it is #8 of 20, 20th Anniversary car. He built it in 2018, and he went with is a 347 engine from BluePrint. His Mk4 currently has just over 14,000 miles on it, and some of those miles were done driving on the Hot Rod Power tour in 2019.