Chris H.’s Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod at Sick Week

Sick Week was even sicker with Chris Hein’s Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod. Chris ran a drag time of 8.904 seconds at 156.46 mph down in Florida during the Sick Week races. Chris even did some interviews for Sick the Mag and 1320 Video, as well as Engine Builder Magazine.

From Chris:

“Just a few days before we left for Sick week we “finished” the new build on the car. I say “finished” because they are never really done! It took us just under 4 months to completely tear apart the car and build it back up to what you see today! It was a huge amount of work and I had a couple buddies help me along the way! While still having a day job, it meant lots of late nights and heavy thrashing on the weekends to make sure we were ready!

The car is still a true street car that tows my teardrop camper and has features such as heat/AC unit, power windows, tilt column, cruise control, radio.

The stick shift classes at Drag-n-Drive events are becoming more popular every year, and placing 3rd at Sick Week was a big accomplishment with a whole new build. We have some tweaking and testing to do, and I expect to lay down consistent 8.50-8.60 passes.”

Couple details on the specs of the car:

Currently a stock bottom end LSA 6.2L long block.
Custom grind Texas Speed Cam
Shearer feb intake mounted air to water intercooler.
Twin mirror image Garret G35-1050 turbos.
Black Sheep Industries blow off valves and waste-gates.
Engine made 1020 RWHP at 15 lbs of boost.

G Force built face plated t56 magnum
McLeod RXT 1200 twin disk clutch
Bang Shift Billy digital clutch controller.

Fuel system
Dual fuel set up that runs pump gas and automatically converts to E85 over 3 psi of boost.
Street side is A750 pump and 65 pound injectors.
Race side is aeromotive brushless 5.0gph with performance fuel injection 210lb/hr injectors.

Original Factory Five front suspension and frame structure. New custom 8.50 cert roll cage and 4 link, wish bone suspension. The rear end is the original 8.8 built by Moser but I modified it with 9 inch housing ends, 35 spline axles, spool and brace kit.