Customer Bruce L. Scores National O’Reilly Calendar

Here’s a great story! Customer Bruce L. bought his Mk4 Roadster complete kit in 2018 to build with his son. Time and daughter-in-law intervened to put the brakes on the project mid-stream, but in stepped veteran Factory Five builder Rich Oben from North Racecars who helped finish the car!

The car was finished in late 2018, and Bruce put more than 5,000 miles before the next July! Bruce let Richard know that his car was going to be in the national O’Reilly Automotive calendar for 2020. These calendars may be available at the Detroit Autorama as O’Reilly is the main sponsor.

Congrats to Bruce and Rich Oben on a job well done. The happy story has a sad ending as a short time ago, Bruce was driving the car, and another driver pulled out in front of him leaving him with nowhere to go. Wearing 4-point harness, he was unhurt, but the car was totaled by the insurance company. The body shop that painted the car was amazed at how well the car held up, and was a testament to the chassis engineering.