Customer Geoff H. Celebrates the Fall Driving Season

Factory Five customer Geoff H. recently shared some photos of his Mk3 Roadster as he celebrated the onset of the fall driving season.

Geoff expressed gratitude for his car, saying, “Thank you for an amazing car, and the community that comes with it! I acquired my kit back in 2005, dedicating two years to its construction, and it’s been a faithful companion on the road for a remarkable 16 years. I make it a point to drive it as frequently as possible, embarking on long trips during the summer months, (with the assistance of my Rod Tops top, which really helps with the travels). Over the years, many components have been rebuilt or replaced. Currently, it boasts a 347 engine with a T5 transmission, which for me, is plenty of power. The only time I was ever worried about my safety was when I encountered a large herd of bison crossing the road in Yellowstone. When the car was designed by FFR I don’t think bison were taken into account, so I made sure to keep a low profile and avoid any eye contact.” It’s no surprise that the bison knew not to challenge this impressive car. Congratulations to Geoff on these stunning fall photos, and on 16 years of thrilling adventures with his Factory Five Mk3 Roadster!

Photos by James Waititu @waymakercreations.yeg