Customer Jeff L. Picks-up His GTM!

Left to Right: Dave Smith, Jeff Loeffler, Bill Loeffler, Jeff’s son, and FFR’s Dave Correia.

This past Saturday was a lot of fun for me.  I got to deliver a brand-new GTM kit to Factory Five customer Jeff L. from New Jersey, and then a half hour later, we hosted the Viper Club of New England here at the factory for a tour.


Jeff’s dad Bill is building a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe!  Jeff’s son is helping him with the build making this a three generation Factory Five effort!


We get a lot of questions about “what kind of trailer do I need to pick-up my kit?”…  Jeff and his son showed up with this super heavy-duty goose-neck heavy equipment hauler!


After a quick tour of the plant, I met Jeff’s dad Bill who drove down from Maine to meet Jeff for the pick-up.  We loaded up and another Factory Five GTM is born.  Special thanks to Jeff and Bill Loeffler for the business and for their enthusiasm.

Dave Smith