Customer Keith Henline’s Type 65 Coupe

In line with the numbers on his car, Customer Keith Henline built his Type 65 Coupe when he was 74 and finished his build at age 76. A first time builder, he had “never done anything like this before”.

For a first time builder he says he was able to figure it out. It’s safe to say he did a spectacular job with the build!

While he drives with earplugs, Keith couldn’t resist putting sound in and metal exhausts. As for the gear-shifter Keith stuck with the standard option, but cut half of it off and had a friend rethread it. With this change, Keith admits he can put just “a little pressure on it and it drops in!”

A couple weeks ago he took out his Type 65 Coupe with a friend, and had a blast. They wound up driving 150 miles to London, Ohio!

Congratulations on your beautiful Type 65 Coupe Keith. We hope you enjoy plenty more miles of smiles!

Some specs on Keith’s Factory Five Type 65 Coupe:

• Gen 2 Coyote 430 hp

• Tremec 6 speed

• Heat insulated

• GAS-N Exhaust

• Paint done by Jeff Kleiner