Customer Tim C. Takes his Coupe to Cars & Coffee

Customer Tim C. recently attended the Bethlehem Cars and Coffee, a monthly summer event held at the historic site of the Bethlehem Steel Plant. This gathering attracts thousands of cars from Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, showcasing a diverse range of vehicles, from European and Japanese to American classics and modern marvels.

During the event, he met a fellow Factory Five owner from Hershey, PA, who had a fascinating story. He owned a Mk3 Roadster, which he was the fourth owner and builder of. The car had passed through three previous owners, and he had to navigate through their work and missing parts to complete it. With determination and the help of a friend who painted it, he brought the Roadster to life.

They also admired a stunning GT40 owned by his friend from Reading, PA. Tim and his new Factory Five friend shared hopes of Factory Five developing a GT40 kit.

As for his Coupe, Tim decided to “hit the road in its gel-coat form for a shakedown run while searching for a painter. Maybe I take the task on myself, as I am not sure what I would do with my time without this project car around. I dressed it up with some stickers and a $20 Amazon racing stripe, and it’s been turning heads wherever I go, often upstaging Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens with its style and presence.”

Tim says “this is really a story about community, and helping bring together folks with common interests. I wish the Factory Five crew continued success and thank you for helping build this community!”