Day 12 of 20 Specials: All-New 818 Hard Top Pre-Orders!

As we are rapidly approaching production on our brand-new 818 removable hard top, we are accepting pre-orders that are fully refundable for customers who would like to reserve a place in the production line.

Pre-orders are $99 and the price of the hard top has been established at an introductory price of $2,499.  Once production begins, the price will increase to $2,999.  Click here to place your pre-order for a 818 hard top.

New production 818 hard top painted with quarter glass installed.

The removable hard top includes the following parts/assemblies:
– Composite hard top with molded inner liner and air duct to engine bay
– Composite rear hatch with liner
– Front windshield glass
– Side window glass
– Rear quarter window glass
– Rear hatch glass
– Power window motors, tracks, weatherstrip, and channel
– Power window switches, wiring, and fasteners
– Windshield mount brackets and hatch hinges
– Exterior door handles and key set

The new hard top design will be standard in the new Factory Five 818C model along with a re-designed front end.


Above and Below: New 818 removable hard top with power window mechanism and front glass.


Rear quarter window glass

The 818 removable hard top will come in gel-coat red and requires body work.

The 818 removable hard top is retro-fittable to all 818S models.  It does not fit 818R models.



Terms & Conditions of 818 Hard Top Pre-Orders:

Pre-order deposit will determine production scheduling.
Production is slated to begin in July/August 2015
Pick-ups are free.  Shipping and crating fees have not been determined and price of $2,499 does not include shipping or crating.
Orders are taken first come, first served.
Hard top orders are non-transferable.
Introductory price is $2,499 and pre-order deposit will be subtracted from the price at shipping.