Day 18 of 20: Factory Five Applies 20 Years of Trailer Experience

We are experts in trailers.  Since 1995, we figure we have purchased and used twelve different trailers.  Our business takes us to car shows, races, special events, and we even use the trailers for transporting raw materials and composite parts.  We’ve decided to apply this knowledge and expertise, and use the strength of the Factory Five brand to work with and develop a new line of custom car trailers for our community.

At Open House, we will be showing two prototype trailers, a 24′ enclosed all aluminum model and an 18′ open aluminum single car hauler.  We’ve put our best ideas into these two trailers and have a third model on the way (20′ all aluminum enclosed).  We want your feedback and we want to launch our trailer line this summer.

Chris, Jim, and Jesper inspect the 24′ aluminum prototype.

Factory Five’s good friend and business partner Jeremy Luchini from Luchini Designs (and formerly SolidWorks Software) has been helping Factory Five with trailer design and configuration for more than a year.

As part of the development process, Jeremy visited manufacturers in the US and benchmarked the best trailers out there.

Below: Our prototype 24′ trailer was manufactured by Wells Cargo in the USA, and every specification, option, and part was selected specifically for Factory Five’s intended customer use.


We put features into the premium 24′ unit that we’ve learned are important after 20 years of using trailers that weren’t perfectly set-up!  On the outside, we have high output exterior lighting, retractable awning, small step going into side door, nice aluminum wheels, beaver tail and extended ramp, and all aluminum construction.

On the inside is a finished interior with painted walls and carpeted lowers (protect those painted doors!).  Rubber floor inside and on the ramp and super bright wall mounted lighting with light switches at the front door and in the back.

The extended aluminum ramp and rubber flooring make loading easy.

We pull our 36′ enclosed trailers with Ford F-350 diesel trucks, but we knew most customers will be using smaller trucks, and the all aluminum construction keeps the weight down and prevents corrosion.


Above and Below: Trailers are noted for less than premium construction, and we wanted a a trailer that would have the best quality and construction so that it would do the job right and last a long time.




We’re also working on offering an 18′ open all aluminum trailer, and speced out this unit which will be on display at Open House to gather customer feedback.  We are also developing a small 20′ enclosed aluminum trailer to compliment the 18′ open and larger 24′ enclosed trailers.


Our goal is to provide our customers with PERFECT trailer solutions for their Factory Fives.  20 years of using trailers has taught us how important the smallest details are in a proper trailer.  We want to apply that experience and offer our customers the benefit of our experience (and frustrations!).  We should have our final line-up launched this summer with specifications, pricing, and availability.

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