Day 20 of 20: Meet the All-New Factory Five 818C!


Introducing the all-new 818 Coupe!  This design joins the 818S street model and the 818R race model.  The design is based on the 818 chassis, but incorporates a new removable hard top coupe design with interior bulk head and power side windows, rear glass hatch and rear glass quarter windows.  The new Coupe also comes with a revised front end which includes new fenders, 3D-printed headlamp bucket and revised headlight design, nose, and grill.  The new 818 Coupe will begin shipping this summer, and you can save your place in line by placing a pre-order for only $99.  The target production start date is August 1st, 2015.

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The all-new 818 Coupe will be in production August 1st, 2015.

This car is the first 818 Coupe.  The side windows, rear quarter windows, and rear hatch are being manufactured in DOT compliant automotive glass.  The hard top design incorporates an inner liner and air duct for a roof scoop.

Existing Factory Five 818 customers will be able to purchase the upgraded 818 Coupe parts (fenders, nose insert, headlight lamp assemblies, hard top with linear and bulk head, and windows) and pricing on these individual parts will be released shortly.

The hard top is designed to be retro-fittable to existing 818S models.

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The left and right fenders are redesigned as is the front grill insert.

The 818 Coupe was introduced at the 2015 Factory Five Racing Open House.



The 818 Coupe design is the third on the 818 platform.