East Coast Challenge Series Begins Season at VIR

Challenge Series Racer John George Sends Report and Videos

A good sign that Spring is here is the Challenge Series guys start heading out to the track and posting photos and videos from the races. This past weekend, the East Coast racers in the Factory Five Racing-NASA Challenge Series headed out to Virginia International Speedway and had some exciting track time. Challenge Series Racer John George kept us updated on the event on his blog and has now posted videos from the weekend’s race.

Here’s John’s recap of the big race on Sunday:

“What a race! Man, Paul and I battled the whole way passing each other at least a dozen times. With 2 laps to go, Paul got a great launch onto the front straight and was able to pass me, going real hard and late into turn 1, me on the outside with paul on the inside. My front right wheel locks up and I end up doing a little agricultural excursion. As i get back on the track, there goes Jim. Race finished Paul, Jim, me, Carl, Marty, and Tom.”

Click here to read more of John’s report and to check out more videos from last weekend’s Challenge Series Race at VIR. The East Coast Series race #2 is April 15-17 at New Jersey Motorpark.