End of the Day Drive Home

1968 All Over Again by Dave Smith

Sometimes I forget what a great job I have. Last night it had been a long day and it was HOT out. I decided the old 427 FE Mk3 of mine needed some miles. I drove 45 miles home (I have a long commute) and was reminded yet again why I love my job. Sun setting in the windshield as I drove home, the engine thundering away and those 15” race tires humming on the highway… Just perfect.
I stopped for gas near home to get a cold drink, chatted with some biker kids, got home and pulled into my garage as it was getting dark.

I was going inside when I realized what a perfect choice I had made for the ride home. The “Old School” Mk3 with the dual carbs big block and 15” pin drives was sitting next to my 1968 VW bus…. It could have been 1968 from all appearances. Thanks guys for allowing me and the crew at FFR to work for you, the work is hard, but every once in a while the benefits are awesome!

Dave Smith