Episode 1: Solid Car Guys

This past fall, we were asked to participate in the season finale of the popular Discovery Channel show “Fast N’ Loud.” The episode was fun to be a part of, but the experience proved much of what I have learned about “reality TV.” Over the past few years, we have worked with a production company and dealt with Discovery and another network to develop a show. We actually produced and filmed episode 1, but were unable to reach an agreement. My own personal feelings are that the outrageous gets the attention, whether its rude sports figures or garage shows that depict guys throwing parts along with f-bombs. Maybe we will reach an agreement with a network, but if we do, it will be to highlight the amazing stories that I have been witness to. In the meantime, my experience with “Fast N’ Loud” convinced me to release our version of what reality TV could be. It’s based on real heroes, real talent, and using the cars we build to make a difference. The story of Factory Five is the story of our customers who do amazing things. Here’s one.

In episode 1 of Factory Five’s “Solid Car Guys,” Scott Hespeler builds a 392 hemi-powered Factory Five Hot Rod with his family while facing a great family tragedy. I hope you like what we produced, and all of it is real, not “reality.”

Huge thanks to Cesar and Jason and their team at The Stealth Crew for producing an honest and beautiful story.

Dave Smith