Every Car is an Award Winner, Every Car Tells a Story. Mike Starts His!

The crew was down at the annual Carlisle Replica Nationals last weekend and I had the chance to work Saturday.  Customer Mike C. from Connecticut was here to pick-up his Mk4 Roadster kit that he will be building with his son Brendan.   I showed him and his family around the plant and went into detail on the manufacturing process. I could tell he kept looking at my red Mk4 and so I asked him if he had ever driven in a Factory Five… He said no, so I said, “lets go for a fast ride!”

After six or eight hot laps around the parking lot and industrial park, Mike said, “I had no idea how brutally fast this car is!” Probably my favorite part of the job is bringing people to the Church of Factory Five.

For Mike and Brendan, like so many Factory Five customers, they are at the headwaters of a great adventure.  Good luck guys, and keep us posted on your progress.  As Brian Brennan from Street Rodder Magazine said at the Huntington Beach Show while looking at over 100 Factory Five customs, “Every car here is an award winner and every car tells a story.”  I love that quote!

Dave Smith