F9 Hypercar Earns Six Design Patents!

The team at Factory Five Racing has been working with Phil Frank (designer of the Saleen S7) on an all-new design that we call the F9. We have already been granted trademarks on the F9, F9R, and F9E protecting the name of the car in its three forms. These design patents protect the shape of the car, and Factory Five is proud to announce the trademarks are registered, and the design patents are issued.

The F9 design was rendered fully in CAD followed by scale model production and full size output over the process of three years.
The F9 prototype advanced through functional testing, track testing, and wind tunnel testing.
The current prototype vehicle is in-house at Factory Five, and was planned for a SEMA 2021 debut which has now been delayed.
Custom builder Erik Treves assembled the prototype in Alabama at his shop.
The running/driving car is powered by a 9.5L LS engine in a V12 configuration. The body is 100% carbon fiber over Factory Five’s trademark tube steel space-frame.
The design team is making small changes to the front end of the car to improve aerodynamics and aesthetics. The production date is forecast for 2022.